Director: Anne O'Leary
Producer: Martina Durac
Co-Producer: BBC Northern Ireland and RTE
Photography: John T. Davis
Editor: Sé Merry Doyle
Script: Theo Dorgan
Narration: Theo Dorgan
Music: Kila
Location: Ireland
Format: Beta SP (Originated on Super 16mm)
Running Time: 4 x 52mins
Year Made: 1998

Transmission: RTE1 and BBC Northern Ireland
• Cot, Coracle & Currach
• Living in the Landscape
• Gathering In
• Rod, Rhyme & Spinning Wheel

  Sales Company(s):
Loopline Film, 106 Baggot Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland
t: +353-1-6676498 / 6627
f: +353-1-6676604


RTE International,
Mount Errol, RTE,
Donnybrook, Dublin 4
t: + 353-1-2082030 / 2978
f: + 353-1-2083428
Mary Malone - Programme Sales Manager
Edel Edwards
- Programme Sales Executive
  Suggestions for broadcasters: With 60 million Irish Diaspora world-wide the 'Hidden Treasures' series has serious broadcast potential across the globe - the themes of the series reflect images of folk-culture throughout the world. Loopline seeks co-production partners to develop a 90 minute sell-through, a 60 minute international TV version and a CD of the original music by the award-winning Irish band Kila.  
  Cot, Coracle & Currach
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Living in the Landscape
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Gathering In
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Rod, Rhyme & Spinning Wheel
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Ordinary Things - Corporate DVD
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Hidden Treasures is a major Irish documentary series that offers an extraordinary insight into Irish culture and tradition. Based on an unseen archive film collection from the National Museum of Ireland and intertwined with vibrant contemporary material, 'Hidden Treasures' takes us back to the grass roots, the everyday and successfully tells for the first time, the fascinating story of Irish traditional folk life.

This is the series that caught the imagination of the Irish people, spanning the entire island; it is a saga of self sufficiency played-out against wild landscapes and difficult terrain. This is a story of courage, imagination and resourcefulness. Our heroes and warriors are farmers and fishermen, tinsmiths, thatcher's and boat builders, ordinary people and their families pitched against the forces of nature, struggling to survive.

Sheer physical energy and vibrant community spirit win-out as alternative currency in this otherwise money less society. Simple things become treasures, straw granaries, bog deal ropes, wicker traps, skin boats and wooden pumps. The documentary is peppered throughout with rare glimpses of Wren Boys; Biddy boys, Halloween Guisers and Straw Boys immersed in celebration and festivity.

This highly acclaimed series offers a fascinating and intimate view of traditional life, and is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in Irish culture.

  Quotes: "Every so often a documentary series comes along that captures the public's imagination transcending issues of class and background, urban or rural, young or old. It is rare indeed to hear wide-spread discussion of a programme." - Pat Collins, Film West, Issue 33

"Directed by Anne O'Leary this marvellous 4-part series documents the various crafts that flourished in Ireland up until relatively recently. It is the archive footage that is most memorable, some of which is actually awe-inspiring. Hidden Treasures holds the footage up to us as a mirror and we hardly recognise ourselves." - Film West - June 1998

"... as well as being an evocative remembrance of times past, the series revels in the discovery that much remains unchanged - well worth setting the VCR for." - Kevin Barry, The Examiner - April 1998

12 shots

Present Day
11 shots

Ordinary Things
5 shots

You may be interested in our Corporate Film 'Ordinary Things'about Irish "Folk Life" done for National Museum of Ireland.

Ordinary Things

National Museum of Ireland
Sé Merry Doyle
Martina Durac
Script / Narration by:
Theo Dorgan

Music: Kila

'Ordinary things' was created to enhance visitor's knowledge about the National Museum's new Country Life Museum in Castlebar, Co Mayo. Scripted and narrated by the poet Theo Dorgan, the feast of beautifully crafted archive material is running indefinitely on a customised DVD at the museum and is considered one of the highlights of the visitors centre.
Available for sale at Turlough Park.
  'Hidden Treasures' is a Loopline Film series with , NI and National Museum of Ireland.
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