Director: Sé Merry Doyle
Producer: Bernadine Carraher
Photography: Eric Johnson
Editor: Sé Merry Doyle / Linda Nartey
Script: Shelia Barrett
Narration: Ian McIlhenney
Research: Niamh Barret, Christine Thornton
Music: Ger Kiely
Location: Ireland
Format: Digi Beta
Running Time(s): 6 x 26mins
Episodes: Ageism, Relationships, Retirement, Looking After Yourself, Where You Live. The Future
Year Made: 1998

Transmission: RTE


Sales Company(s):
Loopline Film, 106 Baggot Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland
t: +353-1-6676498 / 6627
f: +353-1-6676604


RTE International,
Mount Errol, RTE,
Donnybrook, Dublin 4
t: + 353-1-2082030 / 2978
f: + 353-1-2083428

Mary Malone - Programme Sales Manager
Edel Edwards
- Programme Sales Executive

  Suggestions for broadcasters: This six part series is being made into a one hour special that removes all the experts and dwells on the best stories from the participants. Demo version available on request.  
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'A Good Age', directed by Sé Merry Doyle is a groundbreaking six-part series tackling head-on the myths and misconceptions that result in ageism. A forthright approach was taken throughout as the joys and realities of getting older are examined.

Sé took the unusual step of encouraging the main participants to write their own testimonies which in turn gave them a sense of empowerment over the stories they told. The series is peppered with extraordinary tales of people young and old who have warmed to the different themes in each episode.

EPISODE 1: Ageism
This episode opens the series and gives a general overview on how ageism pervades society. The program tackles the everyday ageist notions that older people have to endure, notions such as, most senior citizens are always ill, cannot have sex, have no real uses in society and other misconceptions.

Key Scene: Tara Doyle at eighteen years of age introduces her newborn baby to her ninety six year old Great Grandmother.

EPISODE 2: Relationships
This episode deals with couples that, through their partner's death, find themselves alone in the world. It stresses the need to talk and learn to participate in normal life again.

Key Scene: Eddie Johnston tells the harrowing yet uplifting story of having to experience the death of his first and second wife.

EPISODE 3: Looking After Yourself
This program explores how, through ageist notions some older people have low self-esteem. The episode is sprinkled with people who would not settle for anything less than a fully healthy and spiritual life.

This episode visits a range of housing schemes and retirement homes available to senior citizens. It reveals the disparity of what's available in terms of medical and recreational facilities.

Key Scene: JJ Byrne amazes us all with his story of moving into a senior citizens housing scheme where he found not an ounce of activity. Everything changed when JJ arrived and before they knew it his neighbours where more active than they were in their youth.

EPISODE 4: The Long Weekend
This episode puts a microscope onto the whole gamut of emotions that people face on retirement and the stresses this can put upon couples who find themselves spending a lot more time together than they wish.

Key Scene: We meet Michael Bell on the day of his retirement. As he clears his desk Michael muses on the madness of somebody, somewhere, deciding that he has no more use in society.

EPISODE 5: Renewal
This episode that pays homage to people who have overcome ageist notions and through fighting the stereo-typical, pursued new adventures in later years.

Key Scene: Mamo McDonald reveals her very personal story about the death of her husband and how she was left to bring up a large family in Clones. She expanded the Drapers shop they owned and added a restaurant, she became chairwoman of the Irish Countrywoman's Association, she pioneered a Lace Museum in Monaghan and if that was not enough she became chairwoman of Age and Opportunity the organisation that monitors ageist attitudes in print and media.

EPISODE 6: Fighting Back
This episode is set against the background of the first meeting of the Senior Citizens Parliament. Various people rail against a society that is throwing them on the scrap heap.

Key Scene: President Mary Robinson speaks at the convention plus an exclusive interview where she outlines her support for a new awareness of the contribution senior citizens have given Irelands economy and culture.


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