Director: Sé Merry Doyle
Producer: Martina Durac
Co-Producer: Irish Film Board
Photography: Michael O'Donovan
Music: Laura Forest Hay
Location: Ireland, Britain and Italy
Format: Digi Beta
Running Time: TV Hour

  Sales Company:
Loopline Film, 106 Baggot Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland
t: +353-1-6676498 / 6627
f: +353-1-6676604

  Suggestions for broadcasters: Loopline have already gathered material for this project including filming at the Venice Biennale, and an exclusive interview with Louis Le Brocquy. It would sit well on prime Irish TV plus international art based stations.  

Loopline Film proposes to create a documentary that charts the 20th Century battle for the development and acceptance of contemporary Irish art. The film will delve deeply into the world of the avant-garde and its lasting impact on Ireland.

The title of our project, 'Outside Looking In', underpins our ambitions. We will go on an exciting and tumultuous journey with those artists that have flown the flag for Irish art both at home and in the international arena. The film will not be simply an account of the various artists' work but will also mirror the emergence of the Irish state through its political and cultural institutions.

Through looking at how Irish artists today and in the past have developed relationships with the world, questioning notions of identity and culture, we will investigate what this means for the country at large.

This documentary will explore and examine how Ireland has treated her artists and valued them as interpreters of the life of the country. Since there is no question but that we have traditionally seen ourselves as a literary nation, we must explore how our culture has, thus, been dominated by the oral tradition and interpreted accordingly.

In this film, we want to firmly grapple with our visual culture and traditions over the last century, the changes they have gone through, the battles lost and won and the enrichment of our culture as a result of exploring ourselves in the visual media.

In short, we want to probe and reflect upon modernism in Ireland through the eyes and ears of our artists, past and present, to look at developments outside of Ireland and the impact they have had on Irish artists here, to locate and value the visual in our culture and to take a look at where it might be leading us in the 21st Century.

Visual material already gathered for this project includes an exclusive interview with Louis Le Brocquy at his home in Dublin and extensive interviews with Declan McGonagle and Dorothy Cross at IMMA. We have also filmed with Dorothy Walker and conducted meticulous filming of the work displayed in the IMMA exhibition 'Shifting Ground' which catalogued the last fifty years of modern Irish art.

Loopline Film also travelled to Venice to film Anne Tallentire when she represented Ireland at the 1999 Biennale and collected a lot of very interesting material for the project there.

Louis le Brocquy
15 shots

Patrick Scott
11 shots

AIB Collection
9 shots
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