This beautiful film captures the moment when one of Irelands most famous country houses is handed over to the Irish nation by the present owner Choumley Choumley Deering Harrison.

The house was designed in the 1800s by James Gandon for the 1st Earl of Portarlington. During the War of Independence the Earl and his family fled to Australia.

The house was taken over by the Jesuit Order who turned it into a seminary. The house in turn was severely altered both on the interior and exterior.

Choumley Choumley Deering Harrison bought the house in the seventies and made it a life time task to completely restore it.

He also restored the nearby church in Emo. This is a story about the saving of Ireland's most famous Big House.


The Shoot
4 shots

The Jesuits
3 shots

The House
16 shots


Director: Sé Merry Doyle
Producer: Bernadine Carraher
Photography: John T. Davis
Editor: Sé Merry Doyle
Music: Niall Bryne
Location: Portarlington, Co. Leix, Ireland
Format: Super 16mm / Digi Beta
Running Time: 1 x 26mins
Year Made: 1997

  Sales Company:
Loopline Film, 106 Baggot Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland
t: +353-1-6676498 / 6627
f: +353-1-6676604

  Suggestions for broadcasters: This short film would sit neatly into a strand dealing with classic architecture and their new uses in this century.  
  Emo Court
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  'Emo Court - The Story Story Of A House' is a Loopline Film.
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